Ich kann was!
An inclusive, adaptive and modular application that adapts to the individual needs of the applicant

Project Overview
The "Ich kann was!" initiative actively promotes digital education by backing diverse projects in children and youth facilities, fostering digital literacy. To secure funding from the foundation, applicants must navigate a comprehensive application process. In cooperation with the foundation Deutsche Telekom Stiftung,  the master team took on the challenge of transforming this process into a motivating and user-friendly experience. The project commenced with a thorough analysis of 14 foundations, featuring 750 minutes of interviews. These interviews were meticulously transcribed and assessed, yielding 54 potentials and 165 ideas. Stemming from this research, the team crafted an integrative, adaptive, and modular application process, tailored to individual applicant needs. The result is a groundbreaking application seamlessly embedded into a comprehensive portal, ensuring user-friendly navigation. This innovative approach signifies a significant leap forward in creating an engaging and user-centric application experience for the "Ich kann was!" initiative, further enhancing its contribution to digital education in children and youth facilities."
My Contributions
Project Management
Market and User Research
Interviews and Transcription
Organisation of Workshops
Design Thinking Methods
Data Analysis and Evaluation
Concept Development
Figma Prototyping and Testing
UX / UI and Brand Design
Documentation and Visualisation
Strategy and Innovation Project  | 6 months
In cooperation with Deutsche Telekom Stiftung
Interdisciplinary team of 7 students
Digital Literacy • Process Optimisation • Online Portal
Who is the product for?
This concept is primarily designed for applicants of the "Ich kann was!" initiative by Deutsche Telekom Stiftung, addressing the challenges of the application process as of 2022. This concept focuses on the implementation of measures to resolve existing issues. Additionally, it introduces new features and expansions developed during research and conceptualisation, aligning with the needs of other stakeholders.
The online portal aims to streamline and enhance the application experience for users, providing a more user-friendly and comprehensive platform for applicants engaging with the "Ich kann was !" initiative.
The dashboard serves as an important interface, being the centre from where most modules and functions of the portal can be accessed. Calendars and timelines display the key deadlines, upcoming events and the processing status of the application. This gives users an organised overview of all tasks and allows them to design the dashboard according to their needs.




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