Hello, my name is Nhung Pham

I'm an Industrial Designer and Strategist on a mission to fuse creativity with purpose, developing innovative solutions that shape the future of products and services.

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My Skills
and how I work

Research & Strategy

My approach begins with in-depth research and strategic thinking. I dive into the core of the challenge, studying market trends and. This data-driven groundwork enables me to define a clear strategic direction for each project, ensuring that every choice serves a purpose and aligns with the project's goals.

Management & Process

Project management and process optimization are at the core of my work. I excel in structuring and streamlining processes to ensure efficient and timely task completion. With a strong commitment to agile workflows, I foster seamless and adaptability within cross-functional teams, driving innovation and maintaining project success.

User Centered Design

My philosophy centers on the user's needs.As an industrial designer, I apply design thinking and service design principles through user research, persona development, and ongoing testing and refinement. Focusing on user experience, Icraft solutions that seamlessly merge aesthetics with practical problem-solving, effectively addressing .


Effective communication is key to any successful project. My skill set involves translating complex ideas into clear, compelling visualizations that resonate with stakeholders. It encompasses branding, storytelling, presenting, prototyping, testing, and workshop organization, enabling me to craft captivating visual narratives that foster collaboration for successful projects.

Think outside the box

My creative mindset, paired with rational planning, empowers me to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. When faced with creative challenges, I explore unconventional ideas, pushing boundaries to discover innovative solutions. This innovative spirit fuels my passion for pushing limits and exploring new possibilities.

Healthcare Innovations

I have a strong interest in scientific topics and believe in the importance of creating impactful solutions that affect everyone's daily life in our ever-changing world. My specialized skills in the field of healthcare and science have been honed through projects like developing medical apps and innovative medical devices, reflecting my commitment to driving positive change in the healthcare industry.