Project Archive

Explore my Project Archive, where each project is a chapter in my journey, showcasing short snippets that provide glimpses into the passion and dedication I bring to every challenge. From innovative solutions to transformative outcomes, these snippets unveil diverse narratives that define my work. Join me in reliving moments of creativity, growth, and excellence that shape my story, project by project. Hover or swipe over the images to explore each project.


Solar catamaran fusion pedal and sun power. Ideal for families, its kirigami style solar roof maximizes energy. Dock for recharging, seamlessly integrates excess energy into the power grid. Eco-friendly, efficient boating redefined.
Team partners: Louisa Wettlaufer, Eliza Schneider


This concept integrates medicine, physics, and design for future resuscitation, leveraging forces to reduce strain on aiders, especially in solo situations, and transforming life-saving interventions.


Revolutionary roller coaster, transparent gyrosphere, magnetic-driven for 360° visibility and controlled rotation. Safety ensured with a Liquid Printed Pneumatics vest, customizable for shape-changing geometries controlled by compressed air.


A sleek electric whisk with a handle crafted from Indian rosewood for easy cleaning and copper components, offering antibacterial properties and rust resistance. Designed for high-end kitchenware buyers.
Team partner: Louisa Wettlaufer


Made of Bamboo. A simple, affordable walking aid for people in the third world with impaired mobility. Easy assembly, fast customization, and upcycling disposable products for reduced waste.


A radical 33-gram lightweight flying object. Designed for minimum weight and maximum performance, it features carbon rods, acrylic glass struts, and Mylar film, controlled by a programmed ARDUINO board.
Team partner: Steffen Prüfer


Reimagine the common park bench on a garden fence, merging property demarcation with public relief. The flexible wooden bands, echoing a classic bench, provide a unique leaning experience.


Some pages from my sketchbook that show daily sketches playing with geometric, organic forms or the variables of one product.